Crazy Pest Control Ideas

Pests are a nuisance to people all over the world, they are the worst kinds of guests because they come whenever they feel like and simply refuse to leave while devouring your foods… Continue reading

Is This Your Home?

There has been a recent article in The Sun newspaper it seems that a giant wasp nest has been found in an abandoned home in the Canary Islands and we want to help… Continue reading

Mice Problems? Tips From The Expert Exterminators

Mice are not very good companions to have in your home. They can really make your life miserable and create a very unhealthy and unhygienic environment which can expose a great deal of… Continue reading

Discreet Contraband Netting – Drugnet Installers

Here at JG Environmental Ltd we are pleased to be able to offer you another service, we have professional and experienced contraband netting installers that have in-depth knowledge of contraband netting installation. Contraband… Continue reading

National Moving Month

May is known as National Moving Month, apparently this is the most popular time of the year for people to move home. This may include children moving out of her parents home, families… Continue reading

Thanks For Making Our Harlem Shake Video a Super Hit!

Everyone is doing it. Why shouldn’t we. The Harlem Shake video has become a worldwide phenomenon in a matter of days and is now the 2nd most watched YouTube video after Psy’s Gangnam… Continue reading

5th – 11th May – National References Week

We very often get references, reviews and testimonials sent to us by our clients, these reviews assure us that we are doing our job well and we can also find room for improvement… Continue reading

Different Fears Associated with Pests

Some people have fear of height due to which they avoid taking flights, some have claustrophobia and they cannot stand for long in a very small room. These phobias are nothing but mere… Continue reading

Mice Are Not Welcome

Mice aren’t very nice guests to have in your home. They are the kind of guests that once they enter your home, they never want to leave and regardless of how much you… Continue reading

Mosquito Control via Smartphone App

For years and years people have used various products to get rid of mosquitoes. Body lotions, malodorous candles, oils and sprays have been some of the most common products that are still used… Continue reading