Councils Put Home Owners at Risk of Pests

Worrying amounts of councils are putting the health of the general public at risk by getting rid of Pest Control companies, a total of twenty nine local councils in the United Kingdom have closed their pest control departments in the last two years alone.


This leaves those with pest issues in the most danger as they will have to fork out for pest control companies out of their own pocket; fears are that this can be extremely costly.


A major illness that can be spread through common pests is Weil’s disease which is spread through the urine of rats. Of course pests are also dangerous as they can bite, cause rash and financially wise they can eat the food in your house, destroy insulation in your loft and generally make a mess within your home.


It is estimated that councils carried out over 700,000 pest control jobs last year alone.


The reason the pest control departments of councils has been cut is because local authorities as a whole have been faced with huge cuts of 28% over the last four years.

Simon Forrester is the Chief Executive of BPCA, he feels that the people that can not afford pest control companies are often the ones that have the worst pest issues.

JG Pest Control has stressed their concern over people using their own methods to get rid of pests, instead of calling in the experts. JG Pest Control has been to many properties where the home owner tried to get rid of the pests themselves but the things they tried did not work.

In the meantime the home owners put their own and others health at risk by putting down poison in a totally inappropriate and unsafe manner. They have also spent a lot of money on traps, poisons, sprays and other products which have not worked.

Calling out a pest control company such as JG Pest Control who deal with Pest Control in London and surrounding areas does work out cheaper in the long run as they know that the tools and chemicals they use work.

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