One Foot Moth Found In England

This weekend a huge moth was found in Lancashire. Originally from south-east Asia it is certainly miles from home. Experts were called after home owner, the Blackmore family, found it in his garden in Ramsbottom and they were said to be astonished when they saw it.

The experts have since taken it to Animal World in Bolton where it has already laid eggs and these have successfully turned into caterpillars currently measuring 5 inches in length. Animal World manager feels that it has escaped from an expert’s private collection.

These caterpillars can now be seen on display at Animal World. The manager of Animal World has said that people have already been to see this giant moth and they do not believe it is real due to its size. He has said that it is incredible that this moth has survived in England and this is thanks to the quick thinking of the Blackmore family who found the moth.

To find a moth like this is incredible, to find the smaller moths in your house, in the depths of your wardrobe or in between your favourite jumpers is not incredible, instead it causes terrible issues where your clothes can become ruined with moth bitten holes.

If you find a moth in your house it is wise to keep looking, the moth may have left lava eggs in the wardrobe and on your clothes. If your clothes have been in storage it is a good idea to wash them at a high temperate to kill off any eggs before they grow into fully grown moths, going on to reproduce and destroying more of your clothes.

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Moths look very similar to butterflies but they are darker in colour, whereas butterflies can be found in the summer months enjoying the sunshine moths tend to be found in much darker places.

Worryingly although moths only live for two to five weeks the female can give birth to around two hundred eggs throughout her lifetime and if the eggs have been laid on your clothing (which is the most likely place for moths to lay their eggs), you will find holes in the clothing.

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