Roast Cockroach Anyone?

In general all pests are pretty horrible but cockroaches are the least favourite of the pests for me. They can appear all year round but restaurants seem to struggle with cockroaches the most at round Christmas.

Funnily enough, Roast Cockroach is not something that restaurants are willing to put on their menu for Christmas Dinner. I am happy to confirm that if I saw Roast Cockroach on offer for Christmas Dinner I would pass on this offer.

The reason cockroaches are more common in restaurants at Christmas is because the kitchen is very busy, one of the busiest times of the year. There is a lot more food available, the chefs and waiting staff are a lot busier so they do not spot them as quickly and because there is more food, there is likely to be more mess in the form of scraps for the cockroaches to eat.

It is also getting colder out and wetter so the cockroaches will be looking for shelter where it is warm and dry. If they happen to stumble across somewhere that also has free food, well that would be an added bonus!

If you work in a restaurant it is important to look behind any cookers, fridges or other large appliances as this is where cockroaches will be quite happy to hide and keep warm and snugly, while popping out for a snack every now and again.

Bear in mind the cockroaches carry diseases too so if you leave food out, the cockroach can easily contaminate it and the disease would be passed on to the customer. The same goes for work tops and other surfaces, if a cockroach has walked across it then chances are they will have left disease in their trail. Work tops and surfaces must be kept clean for this reason.

If you see any cockroaches in your kitchen, even if it is only one, then you need to contact a pest control expert immediately to remove this pest issue as a matter of urgency. If a cockroach was seen on a spot check from the Health and Safety Officer or someone from the Food Standards Agency it would leave you in a lot of trouble.

Potentially a customer could see a cockroach or get ill from your food as a cockroach has contaminated the food they could tell all their friends and go to the local press which could result in cancelled bookings and a drop in customers that you are unable to recover from.

You may think that if you see a cockroach the problem can be dealt with later – this is not always the case.

Call in a pest control expert to get rid of your cockroach problem so you can focus on your business and giving your customers the best food and service possible.