Black Widows in England!!!!

black-widow-spider_469_600x450The bite of a black widow spider is said to be 15 times stronger than the bite of a rattlesnake. A black widow spider is not something you want to see surrounded by 100 baby black widow spiders – but worryingly this is what factory workers have come across in Norfolk!

Pest Control experts were called in when a factory worker saw the pea sized sack with at least 100 baby spiders surroundingspiders it, when the pest control company arrived they knew the problem they were dealing with and evacuated staff quickly.

A pest control expert said that it was obviously a Black Widow because of the hourglass pattern on the thorax followed by the aggressive stance it took when they put it into their air-tight container.

It has been suggested that the Black Widow spider arrived through machinery goods being imported to the UK from Texasuk-flag however all products are fumigated before being exported so there is concern as to how the spider survived.

Spider experts have said that this is the first time a Black Widow spider has been found in the UK. The Black Widows are said to be very notorious spiders and their bite to a human can produce muscle aches, nausea and a paralysis of the diaphragm that could make breathing very difficult indeed.

If you are out and about and you spot a pest that is of concern to you then it is important to not go near it and call in a pest control expert. Remember that pests rarely travel alone, so look around as there are likely to be more in your home or business.