How Much Can A Squirrel Cost? £5,500!

Red-Squirrel-by-Jon-HawkinsYou know those lovely little things you see running round your local park with a nut in their mouth as they run up the trees? Well did you know they have cost someone just over £5,500!!!

It turns out that a female was driving her open topped car down the road when a squirrel fell through the sun roof, startling the driver who then lost control of the car and ploughed into a nearby tree. This accident resulted in an insurance claim for the total amount of £5,500!

These cute little critters can cost thousands at home too. If you hear them scuttling about on your roof, then chances are they are damaging the tiles on your roof as they run from one end of your house to the other.

The squirrels may also hang or swing from your guttering which can cause damage through wear and tear over continual squirrel swinging. This can become more costly over time as new guttering may be required!

money-stack-poundsSquirrels can also find ways to get into your loft where it is nice and warm when they are snuggled up between layers of insulation. However this will not help the energy efficiency of your home and will cause further cost when this needs to be repaired.

Squirrels have also be known to chew through water pipes and inadvertently start fires – these furry little friends of Mother Nature can cause some big problems!

Slowly you can see the cost of those cute and furry critters costing a LOT of money for you.

Squirrels are classed as pests and if you think squirrels are causing damage to your home then it is highly recommended you call in a pest control expert.

A professional pest control company will complete the most effective of squirrel control. This is in the form of specialised trapping / baiting, this may also include the use of live traps and instant kill traps. Most people will not have access to this specialised equipment, but a professional pest control company will.

If you don’t want a squirrel to cost you more than £5,500 then why not consider calling in a pest control company and see how they can help you?