Nasty Surprise

An elderly lady has told of her bite from a spider which was “worse than childbirth”.

Jean Stirziker, 69, had to undergo treatment on her hand at Blackpool Victoria Hospital after she was nipped by the tiny spider that was hiding in her gardening glove. The sixty-nine year old said the pain of the bite from the garden spider was worse than giving birth.

The grandmother received the nasty shock when she put on her gardening glove, which the spider was hiding inside and decided to bite her.

Marbled Orb Weaver with FrameThere are about 650 different species of spider in the UK ranging from tiny money spiders to larger ones with a leg span of more than 10 centimetres. The heaviest spider in Britain is the Four-spot orbweaver which weighs up to 2.5 grams!

It seems that Mrs Stirziker was very unfortunate as it is said that only 14 species of all 650 in the UK have the ability to bite us and most of those will do no worse than that of a bee sting. Nothing to worry about then?

With so many different species of spider in the UK it’s no wonder more and more seem to crop up in the worst places. The increasing bad weather and continual rain fall a lot of those spiders will start making their ways indoors, a frightful thought for those that get a cold sweat at the mere thought of the little pests.

According to Craig Walker, who works with arachnids in the bug department of London Zoo, some spiders live in our houses all the time. It’s just that we are more likely to spot them when they grow bigger and when the males wander around looking for a mate (which is why they come into our homes at this time of year).

New arrivals looking for shelter can crawl through an open window or door without us noticing, or even be brought in on our coats or shopping. Creepy!