Joggers’ Life Flashes before Her Due To Spider Bite


Hannah White was doing some press-ups in London Park when she was bitten by a spider on her right thigh. This small bite then became infected by a deadly flesh eating bug and it was looking unlikely that Hannah would survive.

Within a few days this small bite had made Hannah’s leg swell up to twice its original size, Hannah was told by Doctors that they would need to remove part of her thigh which would leave her disabled for life. By some sort of miracle, Hannah managed to fight off the infection naturally.

Hannah found the whole event very frightening, saying that one minute it was just a small bite and the next minute she is sat in A&E being told she may have to have surgery to survive, that will leave her disabled for life.

Doctors have agreed that Hannah is a medical marvel; the doctors were due to operate on her leg but the swelling has subsided and cleared up by the next day! This miraculous recovery has been said to be down to the extremely strong immune system of Hannah’s body.


Hannah added in a statement that she had travelled the world and put herself in some very dangerous situations but then here she was, exercising in London and she gets a bite from a British spider that could have killed her or left her disabled for life.

Spiders are not always as safe as we would like to think, if you find that you have a spider infestation then you need to call in the experts to make sure that you are safe and these spider is not dangerous.