What A Lot Of Ladybirds

LadybirdWhen we are called out to deal with a pest control issue in London we are never sure what to expect or the amount of pests we will see, however ladybirds are known to infest in a house in their tens of thousands – so when we get a ladybird pest issue in London we have a rough idea of what is waiting for us, however this world record still seemed to shock us.

Carine Roosen of Belgium has the worlds largest collection of ladybirds, but don’t worry – she doesn’t have millions and billions; she has the largest collection of ladybird items.

Over the last 10 years Carine has managed to collect over 3,530 items that are ladybird related. When asked what her favourite ladybird items were, Carine said it had to be her ladybird toilet seat, closely followed by her ladybird themed jewellery.

In March 2009, Carine bought her collection to the school where she teaches so she could show them to the pupils she teaches, later in that year it was confirmed that she had broken the world record for largest collection of ladybird items.

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