Do Pests Hibernate In The Winter?

Sometimes there are fewer pests during the colder months and you wouldn’t be silly to think that perhaps the pests hibernate during squirrelthe winter. It is true that some annoying animals (also known as pests) and insects do go into hibernation during the winter months; however this is not the case for all animals.

Animals like rats and mice remain active throughout the whole year and in fact you may see them more frequently in the colder months when they are looking for the ideal place to stay, somewhere warm to protect them from the cold and wet outside. This ‘ideal place’ could be a nice a warm spot behind your oven or in your garage where it is dark and easy to hide or even in your loft where it is warm and snugly between your insulation.

As the days and nights throughout winter become colder – your home becomes a much more popular home for these pesky rodents who are looking for somewhere dry and warm to nest and breed, and of course somewhere near to food too.

ladybird (1)If you had wasps, ants, ladybirds and other ‘warm weather pests’ in the summer chances are they have disappeared through the winter chances are they will be back in the summer so make the most of their disappearance and fill in any holes or gaps where they may have appeared from previously.

Be pro-active and keep the pests away before they arrive, make sure there is no room at your inn when they return for more.

However if you do have a pest control problem then call in the experts of a pest control company, they will be able to remove your JG environmental logopests and give you tips on how to make sure they do not return.