JG Environmental to the Rescue on This Week’s Cowboy Builders

jg pest control cowboy builders

This is a story of a couple that lived in a harmonious two-bedroom flat in Bounds Green. They were living a joyful life until they decided to hire a guy to build them an extension.

The hired builder was supposed to be a professional with experience and skills to get the job done perfectly, but everything went the opposite way. When the couple, ex-dancer Melissa and Italian chef Carmine, hired the guy from the local Italian community, they didn’t know they were making a fatal mistake.

The builder made two failed attempts of building the extension but eventually ended up with an incomplete, unsafe and uninhabitable shell which was previously a prosperous living place.

After the builder left the couple and their children in the middle of a mess, the misfortunate family had to survive with wrong-sized lintel, inadequate waste pipes, dodgy roof joists and a smashed manhole cover, from which rats were invading into their flat and giving them a hard time.

While Melinda, the presenter of the show Cowboy Builders, uncovers all the damages that the cowboy builder did to the flat to start the remedial work (with the help of JG Environmental) Dominic, her co-presenter, makes efforts to track down the guilty cowboy.

You are able to witness all of this on this week’s episode of Cowboy Builders. The Channel 5 show is mainly based on the idea of exposing rubbish builders who don’t have sufficient knowledge, skill or experience in the area of field they work in and as a result end up damaging the properties of their clients.

The aim of the show is to also help those families whose lives and homes have been affected by the cowboy builders. Episode 3, Bounds Green, has all the elements of interest for the viewers because many are able to relate to the victims of the cowboy builders as they have gone through similar situations in their lives.

So don’t miss this interesting reality TV show Cowboy Builders on 21st March, 2013 at 8pm to watch Melinda and Dominic aiding the affected family with the help of Paul Gale from JG Environmental and some more highly experienced professionals from the construction field.