Mice Are Not Welcome

mice are not welcomeMice aren’t very nice guests to have in your home. They are the kind of guests that once they enter your home, they never want to leave and regardless of how much you try to get them to leave your house, they just won’t go away until they are given that cold shoulder.

Mice and rodents normally tend to visit your home in the winter months when they are cold outside and they need a place to stay warm. Although, mice are very clever creatures and they will enter your house regardless of the conditions, all they need is a hole which is the size of your finger to slip into your home. If there’s a way in, they will find it.

drain pipeThe most common place where mice tend to enter the home is from the area where all the drainage pipes going inside the house.  If your house has any damaged pipes or loose windows and fittings with gaps inside then you will likely be providing a haven for all mice.  Garage doors can also be held responsible for the mice invasion into your home.

The mice might come inside the home to protect themselves from the winter but the hard truth is that they are very unlikely to leave just like they came in and you will need professional help in order to get rid of them. Mice breed so quickly that soon you will see them roaming around your house like it’s their own and they would just keep doubling up as the time passes.

Mice create a very unhealthy environment inside the home and using off the shelf traps and poisons is not the best way to get rid of them because there are also other pets and children in the home and they can be harmed from these materials as well.

Another reason why poisoning mice isn’t really a good idea is because you never know where the mouse would spread the poison. The smell of a dead mouse is a lot worse than you can possibly imagine and it might not drive poison-ratthe mice out of the home but it will definitely force you to leave the house until the issue gets resolved.

The only thing left to do is approach a pest control company in London who offer a mice extermination service. They will get rid of the mice for you in the best and the safest manner.