Different Fears Associated with Pests

ArachnophobiaSome people have fear of height due to which they avoid taking flights, some have claustrophobia and they cannot stand for long in a very small room. These phobias are nothing but mere fears a person develops with age or is born with. Together with the above, the very common phobia people have is from the pests; a look at pests swirling around the house could give out a shriek from them. There is not one type of phobia associated with pests there are many but we will highlight the very common ones that raised a scream or two once from every other house.

A crawling spider by the wall is usually captured by young ones to keep as a pet but most adults almost run a mile upon spotting one and by no means we are leaving out men in this category. This phobia is called Arachnophobia because it is related to spiders. Even the strongest of heart have been seen screaming and covering themselves under blanket, so do not underestimate the power of this phobia.

Have you ever looked at a croaking frog specially the one that loves to pop out at night? To you and others it may look a simple harmless frog but people with Batrachophobia know well how they feel about it. This fear often restricts people from taking pleasure in their own garden or visiting public parks; the worst part comes when the frogs start to show up inside or nearby the house as if it belongs there.

lizardHerpetophobia is a fear of reptiles or any crawly insect or thing such as lizards, snakes. A person having herpetophobia usually avoids going into basement or in dark corners where lizards or other crawly pests may reside. Even a plastic lizard can give out a very high decibel scream from them and could be a reason to laugh for everybody else.

Luckily to handle these pests, a pest control technician can be called as he/she does not possess any such fears. Whether the job requires mice extermination in London or removal of bed bugs, this task only accommodate people who have a strong heart and can handle any such pest without screaming their heart out. It is best to call professionals in case you develop or realize you have a pest phobia, they will not only eradicate pest issue from your property but they will also save you from a big ordeal.