Thanks For Making Our Harlem Shake Video a Super Hit!

Everyone is doing it. Why shouldn’t we.

jg shake

The Harlem Shake video has become a worldwide phenomenon in a matter of days and is now the 2nd most watched YouTube video after Psy’s Gangnam Style. The 30 second video spawned multiple versions of the original each unique to its own audience with its very own theme and background.

Now, we’ve got our very own version of Harlem Shake as well! Being a pest control company in London, we wanted our video to have a ‘pesty’ effect. And here’s how we went about it.

Our Harlem Shake video starts off with a guy in a mouse costume dancing in the middle of the office surrounded by guys working hard trying to save London from pests. In the next part, the scenery changes completely. As the beat kicks in, the hard working employees transform into people prancing all over the office acting crazy. Our Managing Director, James Gale also takes centre stage in the action. Never shy in front of a camera, he is dressed as a pest control expert doing pull ups on the suspended ceiling. We’ve watched it over and over and we can’t stop laughing. It’s hilarious and tons of fun!

To date the video has over 3000 hits which is great in such a short space of time. Sam Devereux, our business manager was extremely pleased. “Our goal was to create brand awareness in a fun way and we managed to do exactly that with this video,” he remarked.

“The video shows the faces of all our staff which is something we really wanted in order to make ourselves look more personable and approachable. Our aim was to show our viewers that while we take pest control very seriously, there is also a fun side to it all as well.

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