National Moving Month

Happy couple in their new home concept

May is known as National Moving Month, apparently this is the most popular time of the year for people to move home.

This may include children moving out of her parents home, families moving to larger homes or older people moving to smaller homes. Whatever the reasoning, this is National Moving Month and unfortunately when you move home you can be met with some problems – one of these problems may be pests.

In your own home you know if your home has any pests, you know where to find them, where to come from and you have usually called in the experts to get rid of them – but when you move to a new home there can be all sorts of nasty surprises awaiting you.

Some home owners find wasps nests in the loft and as much as wasps rarely return to the home they have previously used, it is recommended that you call in a Wasp Nest Removal Expert in London to get rid of this next for you while causing no harm to yourself or your family.

When you look around a home you rarely have a look around the loft, so when you go up there with things to store you may find creatures such as mice or squirrels hiding up there in between your loft insulation. These pests need to be removed as they can cause damage to the insulation in your loft which will make your home less energy efficient.

The house may have been empty for a while and food could be left behind which may have attracted mice or cockroaches so if this is the case you need to consider calling in Cockroach Exterminators in London or a Mice Extermination London company to remove the mice and cockroaches.

The most important thing to do when you find pests in your home is to stay calm and call in the experts; they will do what they are trained to do to ensure that you live in a happy and pest free home.