Is This Your Home?


There has been a recent article in The Sun newspaper it seems that a giant wasp nest has been found in an abandoned home in the Canary Islands and we want to help the police discover whose house this is.

Reports state that neighbours had called the authorities after claiming that the home has been deserted for quite a few months, authorities then broke into the property and were met by a twenty-two foot long wasp nest that nearly filled the entire ground floor. The giant wasp nest was teaming with millions of insects as well as just wasps.


The police have not yet located the owner of the home so if you are the home owner or you know how the home owner is then let us know – we can help with the wasp nest removal and get the property back to a liveable condition again.

Here at JG Environmental we normally work in the London area, but we cover surrounding areas too so if you have a wasp next that needs removing or you know someone that needs their wasp next removing then give us a call and we will try and help you.