Crazy Pest Control Ideas

Pests are a nuisance to people all over the world, they are the worst kinds of guests because they come whenever they feel like and simply refuse to leave while devouring your foods and roaming around like they own the place. A lot of people tend to panic in these situations and immediately call in the special corps on these pests and have the problem taken care of but what most people don’t know is that these pests are just small brainless insects and there are certain loop holes where you can trick them into leaving you and your home teaching them a good lesson about never to come back again. Mark your territory and show these pests who is boss by using some of these crazy pest control tricks.

If you are dealing with the problem of having a lot of silverfish in your home then there is a simply way of how you can round up all of these pests in a single go. Simply take a newspaper, make it wet and leave it out in the area where you think that they have infested the area heavily. Leave that wet newspaper out overnight and watch how all these silverfish gather onto this newspaper and simply pick up the newspaper and throw it out in the morning.

Another crazy pest control idea relates to mice, everyone suggests that you block all the entrance ways of these mice so the ones that are inside are trapped and no more mice can come into the house. People often tend to forget that mice can practically eat their way out of anything and conveniently get inside your home no matter what you put in these holes. Try blocking these holes with steel fibres because this might be the single material that mice cannot eat their way out of.

Mice hate the taste of mint so if you want to show these unwelcomed guests the way out by force then simply leave out minds in the places where they are in more quantities and they are sure to leave without you having to tear apart your house in tracking down these rodents.

These are just some of the many crazy pest control ideas that you can try out in your home if you have a pest problem without having to call in the pest control forces.