JG Environmental to the Rescue on This Week’s Cowboy Builders

This is a story of a couple that lived in a harmonious two-bedroom flat in Bounds Green. They were living a joyful life until they decided to hire a guy to build them… Continue reading

Do Pests Hibernate In The Winter?

Sometimes there are fewer pests during the colder months and you wouldn’t be silly to think that perhaps the pests hibernate during the winter. It is true that some annoying animals (also known… Continue reading

What A Lot Of Ladybirds

When we are called out to deal with a pest control issue in London we are never sure what to expect or the amount of pests we will see, however ladybirds are known… Continue reading

Joggers’ Life Flashes before Her Due To Spider Bite

Hannah White was doing some press-ups in London Park when she was bitten by a spider on her right thigh. This small bite then became infected by a deadly flesh eating bug and… Continue reading

Nasty Surprise

An elderly lady has told of her bite from a spider which was “worse than childbirth”. Jean Stirziker, 69, had to undergo treatment on her hand at Blackpool Victoria Hospital after she was… Continue reading

How Much Can A Squirrel Cost? £5,500!

You know those lovely little things you see running round your local park with a nut in their mouth as they run up the trees? Well did you know they have cost someone… Continue reading

Black Widows in England!!!!

The bite of a black widow spider is said to be 15 times stronger than the bite of a rattlesnake. A black widow spider is not something you want to see surrounded by… Continue reading

Roast Cockroach Anyone?

In general all pests are pretty horrible but cockroaches are the least favourite of the pests for me. They can appear all year round but restaurants seem to struggle with cockroaches the most… Continue reading

Councils Put Home Owners at Risk of Pests

Worrying amounts of councils are putting the health of the general public at risk by getting rid of Pest Control companies, a total of twenty nine local councils in the United Kingdom have… Continue reading

One Foot Moth Found In England

This weekend a huge moth was found in Lancashire. Originally from south-east Asia it is certainly miles from home. Experts were called after home owner, the Blackmore family, found it in his garden… Continue reading